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What can you do to help?

Here at ESSENTIALZ, we want to assure that we can reach out to as many young people as we can about mental health, this can be achieved by your help. We are not out to make a profit at ESSENTIALZ, but we have a select range of products which we have designed and created to allow us to gain enough money so we can assure that we reach out to as many young people as we can about mental health. Your support by purchasing our products will help us achieve this, you can purchase any of our products by contacting our social medias. Thank you for your support!

                                       ~Team ESSENTIALZ


Our Products


ESSENTIAL Bamboo ReusableTravel Mug

Introducing our ESSENTIAL Travel Coffee Mug. We chose to go with a Travel Coffee Mug as one of our products because we feel a problem shared is a problem halved, and no better way to do it is with a coffee that is always by your side! Our Travel Coffee Mugs are priced at £3.99 and are selling fast.

ESSENTIAL Mental Health Journal

Introducing our ESSENTIAL Mental Health Journal. We at ESSENTIALZ believe that a journal has significant benefits to all young people suffering mental health conditions. Our Journal we have included a variety of common mental health issues with facts and quotes along side them. Along with every mental health issue we have included a "My Personal Page", this is for people to write about their feelings and emotions. Our Journals are priced at £4,00

 ESSENTIAL Stress Ball

Introducing our ESSENTIAL Stress Ball. We believe that stress balls are a great way of relieving stress and frustration that is built up inside you. We have researched that people going through a period of stress or anxiety, feel they need to do something with their hands. Our Stress balls are priced at £1.50.

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