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Our Aim!

Our ESSENTIAL aim is to raise mental health awareness in our local area. As a group, we have all witnessed the first hand sheer effects of young people in our local community having a poor mental health. We decided to take action against this and create a business in which promotes mental health awareness, while decreasing the stigma associated with mental health. As our managing director Ben Dolan said, 'Even if we can help one person, we will have succeeded in our aim.' We work to show young people in our community that it is okay to not be okay.  Our company slogan which is "Your mental health is ESSENTIAL'' is very applicable to the work we are doing


Our Story

We are a Young Enterprise team from the Christians Brothers Grammar School Omagh. We created our business 'ESSENTIALZ' around the theme of mental health. In our local area of Omagh, over the last few years, we as a group have seen the effects of people in our community having a poor mental health. We are not experts but we want to ensure that people in our society realise that their mental health is essential.

The purpose of creating this website is to give people the proper information and to try to support people suffering from a mental illness by directing them to the relevant mental health organisations we feel that will give them the best support. Feel free to explore the rest of our website and remember that your mental health is essential.


Our Future Plans

See below what our plans are for the very near future!

Mental Health and Well-being Training

We have paired up with the Omagh Youth Centre who are controlled by the Education Authority. We are doing a 8 week training program about mental health and well-being. We will be accredited with a OCN level 1 qualification in mental health and well-being after completing the training. The training will include residential and workshops that will help us understand mental health and well-being on a more detailed level. With this qualification, we can give a credible service that can provide young people with quality advice on how to deal with their own mental health obstacles and we can help them to overcome these challenges.

The Creation of An App

We plan on creating an app for young people to access. This is because an app is extremely convenient as it can be accessed by all young people and we think it would be a huge benefit to them. This app will include daily podcast (which we hope to expand to nationwide people) and information regarding mental health issues as well as games to help release stress and anxiety.

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